Welcome to the QFIS employment site. This is your resource for information on vacant faculty and non-faculty positions. At QFIS, we are committed to excellence in all the services that we offer. We are a small-sized teaching and research-intensive institution that is actively building collaborations with local and international actors.

QFIS places a premium on fostering tolerance, diversity, and social responsibility in accordance with Islamic principles. We welcome those who share our values in building a strong and professional workplace.

Invite Applications:

QFIS invites applications from research and academic professionals with Ph.D. qualification and sufficient experience for full time professors or researchers from any of the following fields:

  • Islamic studies and Contemporary thoughts
  • Islamic Governance, democracy and Public Policy
  • Islamic Modernization and Renewals
  • Muslim Contribution and Civilizations
  • Contemporary Muslim society.
  • Islamic Economics and Finance.
  • Urban design and Architecture in Islamic Societies.

The applicant must have strong understanding of Islam and will be expected to conduct substantive research in his or her area of expertise. All applicants can apply online on below mentioned e-mail ID, by sending curriculum vitae, a statement of achievements, research interests and goals.

Successful candidates will receive a generous package that includes a monthly salary commensurate with their years of experience, along with health insurance, housing &, transport allowance, children education allowance etc.

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Strategic Leadership: Integrating Western & Islamic Perspectives


4 June 2014 Doha, Qatar: THE Public Policy in Islam Programme and the Executive Training Programme at Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), within Hamad Bin Khalifa University, recently cooperated...

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Botanic Preservation in Islam


    Under the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), a college of Hamad Bin Khalifa University, the Public Policy in Islam Program hosted a recent seminar in collaboration with Qur'anic Botanic ...

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Knowledge, Economy, and Islamic Finance: A New Institutional Economics Perspective


The Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (CIEF), a research center at Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) organised a public lecture on ‘Knowledge, Economy, and Islamic Finance: A New ...

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Sukuk from Economic, Legal, Practical and Shariah Perspectives


The Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (CIEF), part of the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) of Hamad bin Khalifa University, recently organised a successful symposium on “Sukuk from ...

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New Student Orientation 2014-2015

Download ICS File 25/08/14 , LAS building, Room B015

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Tale of a mosque

Download ICS File 29/06/14  - 27/07/14 ,

Listen to: Tale of a Mosque - 1 Tale of a Mosque - 2 Tale of a Mosque - 3 Listen live to QF Radio: click here

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Hezbollah between History and Sunni-Shii Relations

Download ICS File 27/05/14 , Education city ,LAS Building,B015

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The Ninth International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance (ICIEF) 9-10 September 2013, Istanbul, TURKEY

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Sustainable Growth and Inclusive Economic Development from an Islamic Perspective

Read the presentations from the 8th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance